Nikolay Flotskiy

Painting, Video

Atelier: Kunstakademiet i Trondheim
Tilgjengelig for rullestol: Ja


Nikolay Flotskiy was born in Arkhangelsk (Russia) in 1992. While studying linguistics (English & Norwegian languages) he graduated from VGIK (All-Russian State University of Cinematography). Immediately after he got into the High courses for Scriptwriters and Film directors in Moscow. As a result «Teorema» became his diploma film and was presented at «Tromsø International Film Festival» in 2020. Now he has newly started at a master’s degree programme in Fine Arts at Kunstakademiet, NTNU.


«BIRDIE» (2017).
Film synopsis: What is the essence of life? How often do we wander in our imaginary illusions? Is there something above the human? The one-shot film “Birdie” reveals a moment of the artist’s life, who is caught by the power of the irrational and incomprehensible. In pursuit of it he almost loses something real and meaningful.
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«TEOREMA» (2019)
Film synopsis: A lonely fisherman comes across a woman, lying on a shore, and takes her home. Being trapped by the woman’s beauty he behaves like a frightened child in an effort to find any contact with her. Regardless fisherman’s tenderness the woman remains to be anxious and finally leaves the house in pursuit of a new path.
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«VOW» (2020)
Film synopsis: Being left alone, the woman recalls the fragments of the passing day that has connected her with a man for evermore. «I want to run away, I’m afraid of them, Indians, music, why am I here, touching, light, destroyed world, loveless». Wanting to drown out the feelings flickering inside, she presses the horn of the car with all her might, imagining the first bright day of her nascent life.
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