Join us behind the scenes in the artists' workplace: The studio!

Trondheim Open was established by a group of local artists, and has been arranged since 2011. Today we are owned by the unions Trøndelag Bildende Kunstnere (TBK) and Norske Kunsthåndverkere Midt-Norge (NKM).

During the festival, which takes place every other year, over a hundred of the region's artists open their doors and meet the visitors at their own home field, where the art is created.

In addition to the open studios we also host workshops, artist talks, our popular Art Market, and much more during the ten-day festival.

We are also a network arena for the art scene in Trøndelag, among other things by organizing studio visits with curators for our associated artists.

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People love to discover that art is being made in their own neighbourhood

Photo: Nadia Caroline Andersen

General manager
Inga Skålnes

The Board
Tobias Liljedahl – repr. Trøndelag Bildende Kunstnere (TBK)
Deputy: Carlos A. Correia

Tiril Havdal – repr. Norske Kunsthåndverkere Midt-Norge (NKM)
vara: Margit Seland

Ragna Vorkinnslien – independent representative
Deputy: Tone Tronstad

  • The purpose of Trondheim Open is to make visible and convey professional artistic activity in Trondheim and Trøndelag to a wide audience.
  • Our main activity is to arrange open studios every other year with artists in Trøndelag.
  • Trondheim Open will also carry out other professional events that help to strengthen the contact between local artists, the art field and the public.

> See Trondheim Open’s statutes (NO) here.

Kunstmarkedprodusent 2022 Ingrid Vold Bjørkamo, daglig leder Inga Skålnes og formidlingsansvarlig 2022 Vilde Rudjord
The Trondheim Open board. From left: Ragna Vorkinnslien, Tobias Liljedahl and Tiril Havdal.
Randi Heitmann Hjorts atelier på Gregus Kunstnerverksteder. Foto: Hanna Fauske