Mishi Foltyn

Drawing, Installation, Participatory practices, Performance

Atelier: Har ikke atelier / No studio
Tilgjengelig for rullestol: Nei


Mishi Foltyn is an artist, curator, and writer. Her practice is centred on the relations between site and public, exploring how art weaves through the everyday. Her work also touches on notions of labour, value, collectivity, participation, and hospitality most frequently through large-scale drawing, site-specific installation, and performative intervention.


Along with an MFA (2017) from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and a BFA in art history and studio art (2009) from Concordia University in Canada, she completed two post-graduate courses specializing in commissioning and curating public art (2020) at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg and art, architecture and design within public arts practice (2021) at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. She currently works as project leader for Babel visningsrom for kunst, is a guest lecturer at NTNU, and is deputy leader of Trøndelag Bildende Kunstnere. Her artistic works have been realised through Norway, Canada, Poland, Latvia, and Finland.