Qianhui Qian

Drawing, Installation, Photography, Sound, Video

Atelier: Frittstående Atelier / Independent studio
Tilgjengelig for rullestol: Nei


Open studio from 12-16 on Saturday


Qianhui Qian (b.1994) holds a master’s degree in Fine art from the Art academy in Trondheim, and now lives and works based in Trondheim, Norway. Her practice is focusing on moving images and new media installations. By challenging the traditional cinema experience, she keeps exploring the new possibility of films, sound, and spatial experiments. Using moving images as a body, projecting and screening in untraditional format, blurring the boundary between exhibition space and the artificial film world. Her research follows the perspective of a megacity-born person; who views and experiments with nature as an outsider. Cross-disciplinary topics accomplish as the main factor in her works.