Invisibledrum Art Platform

Installation, Participatory practices, Performance, Photography, Sound, Text based, Video, Print making, Interdiciplinary art and research

Atelier: Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder
Tilgjengelig for rullestol: Nei


Invisibledrum is an international and transdisciplinary research platform investigating animism and spiritual technologies within the field of arts and social-ecological systems. The platform welcomes artists and researchers from transdisciplinary fields of knowledge, exploring liminal spaces where sound & performance art meet ecology, ethnobotany, herbalism, technology, embodied knowledge, healing practices, psychology, anthropology, and speculative design, amongst other disciplines.

Drawing on ethnobotany, ecofeminism, deep ecology, quantic/gentle activism, mysticism, and animistic perspectives we question how art can explore the nature-culture continuum. We invite musing, dialogue, and knowledge transmission in the matter of spiritual technologies, relational practices, and decolonial methodologies, as alternatives to mechanistic worldviews, anthropocentrism, neoliberalism, imperialism, and dichotomous thinking. Invisibledrum seeks to hold space for the healing potential to be found in art, performance, and ritual.

Invisibledrum aims for opening pathways where knowledge transmission in contemporary art questions postcolonial traditions, unpacking epistemologies that lie outside the influence of positivist and rationalist thinking. Invisibledrum supports and creates dialogues and encounters based on fieldwork methods exploring bodies, technologies, (in)visible architecture, sites and landscape as interrelational, interconnected and in constant becoming. The aim of the collective is to invite the use of magical thinking and ritual-making in contemporary art and beyond. Questioning the agency of contemporary art Invisibledrum facilitates happenings, symposiums, performances, poetic gestures and gatherings that explore regenerative tools and methodologies. In so doing we commit to sustain and nourish paradigm shifts in ecology, medical praxis and society by reclaiming imagination, sensory perception, somatic knowledge and a language of respect and reciprocity. Invisibledrum aspires to generate horizontal learning within non-hierarchical collaboration and co-creation contexts.

An important area of our interest and research investigates technology within ancient holistic thinking. We ask: What was the role of technology in ancient ritual practice? How technology was implied in shamanism and animistic practices, such as healing and practices of incubation? And, how can we access these technologies today? What is the role of speculative fiction, performative practice, embodiment and somatic research in reclaiming these technologies in our highly digitalized society?

Invisibledrum as a living organism is open and receptive to growth,  transformation and regeneration. The platform is a place to develop work, projects, topics, and discussions that are aligned with our core values. Speculative methodologies, randomness, imagination, intuition and creativity are celebrated and recombined with scientific methods, frameworks and tools to reclaim the role of arts to generate alternative worldviews to the dominant one.  We believe that discussing the current environmental, ecological and social emergencies within artistic frameworks is necessary to generate planetary strategies that resist the systemic violence perpetuated towards our ecosystems and life. Invisibledrum builds networks of partnerships, spirit alliances, and collaborations to unravel ways of coexisting that honour our interconnectedness with all forms of life and the cosmos. By sharing knowledge and practices with our communities, we wish to collectively envision an alternative future of reciprocity with our Mother Earth and beyond.

Established by Amalia Fonfara and Nazare Soares in 2018 in Trondheim, Norway.