Faezeh Valadan


Atelier: Har ikke atelier / No studio
Tilgjengelig for rullestol: Nei


My name is Faezeh Valadan. I completed my B.A. in painting at Tehran University of Art, in 2017. I pursued a master’s degree in fine art at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art at NTNU and I graduated this summer.

As a visual artist coming to Norway from Iran, I try to find common threads and weave relationships between western and eastern philosophies like mysticism and existentialism, extend the medium of painting into installation, bridge reality and the dream world, question the existing understanding of them not just on the conceptual level but also in methods.

Elements of artistic diagram: Philosophy, existentialism, mysticism, psychology, feminism, dream, perception, memory, reality, drawing, video, sound, text, narrative, poetry, photographs, collages, figuration, abstraction