Symin Adive

Ceramics, Painting, Performance, Sculpture, Text based, Video, Comedy

Atelier: Kunstakademiet i Trondheim
Tilgjengelig for rullestol: Ja


Symin Adive is both an artist and a fartist. A thinker and a clown. An explorer and a stay at home-er. She is a headline writer for The Onion as well as an Art Director/glorified Graphic Designer whose past clients have included The Empire State Building and She was a writer for Upright Citizens Brigade and performer about town/Zoom. Symin is brown, bi, and a third word that starts with “B.”
Although much of her past work is inscrutably abstract, she’s since shifted in the last few years to exploring her upbringing and identity in no uncertain terms starting with her show “Bari: Know Your Place” for which she received the Queens Arts Fund. “Bari” is a series of illustrations and poems inspired by 16th-century Mughal paintings that tackle what it means to have power and who gets to have it. In December back in NYC, she will be exhibiting a mixed media video series called “Notes For A Desi Utopia ” that promises to fix every issue ever in her community and yours!
In general, she’s interested in relationships whether it is the relationship between forms, lines, light and shadows or the relationships we have with other people: how we connect or don’t, the real moments versus the performative. All the absurd and familiar ways in which we relate is of key importance especially if it’s hilariously sad and sadly, hilarious.